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I made this Digital Temp Controller to provide highly accurate control of the bending temperature.  At the heart of the device is an AI-based digital device that can maintain any temp to within about a degree of target.  This has saved my countless moments of utter frustration!

Below I’ve provided information on how you can make and use your own Temp Controller.

How I Bend

Here’s my cookie-cutter approach to bending sides with no breaks (so far!) and minimal to no spring-back:

Making the “Sandwich”

  1. Wet the side with distilled water using either a heavy spray bottle or a couple of minutes in a pan.
  2. Wrap the side in parchment paper.  This protects the wood from discoloration
  3. Wrap that with aluminum foil
  4. Create a sandwich using a spring steel slat, the wood sandwich from above, the heating blanket, then another spring steel slat

Bending the Side

  1. Slide the sandwich into the bender
  2. Tighten up the waist to hold it all in place
  3. I using some waste wood to lift the blanket away from the side sandwich until later.  This keeps the heat off the side sandwich until I’m ready to bend them.
  4. Set my Temp Controller to 280 ~ 300 degrees F and turn on the blanket
  5. When the temp reaches about 260 I start to slowly bend the waist until it bottoms out.
  6. Remove the waste wood to allow the sides to warm up.
  7. Slowly bend the ends until they are against the mold
  8. Reduce temp to 250 degrees F
  9. Let sit for 15 minutes
  10. Turn off Temp Controller, unplug blanket, and leave overnight or until completely cool

Still need to add Schematics, User Manual Build Instructions…

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