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Hand-Crafted Ukuleles from The Big Island of Hawaii

I am a one-man shop and I use this website to share my journey in building one-of-a-kind ukuleles.  I took the name “Pau Hana Ukuleles” to reflect the easy going nature of the ukulele.  “Pau Hana“, meaning “done work” or “after work” in Hawaiian, evokes the relaxing feeling when playing the ukulele after a trying day.  It’s an instrument that begs to be played under a palm tree with Mai-Tais firmly in hand.  Pau Hana Ukuleles also reflects this turn in my life once I decided to retire at the “young” age of 54 from the high-tech industry to pursue my passions of woodworking and music.

Please follow along! – Tom Russell Kailua-Kona, HI

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Bracing Day

11-20 Soundboard Bracing Today I completed the soundboard bracing, tone bars, bridge patch and soundhole patch.  There's not a lot to bracing with the exception of the soundhole patch (a thin piece of material [...]

Soundboard Inlay

I did a bit of soul searching to decide to use a set of intensely figured Koa for this ukulele.  I've been saving this set for years waiting for the right ukulele.  This set [...]

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Please view some of my past builds.  Clicking the title or photo of the ukulele brings you to a full description, gallery and blog for each instrument.